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Produce patented Bulgarian white-brine cheeses and different delicacies with nontraditional taste.

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Chef Radichev`s story

Stanimir Radichev graduated in cooking and for more than 25 years has been gathering experience and knowledge in Bulgaria and abroad. Chef Radichev went through all stages of professional development to become an established name in culinary art.

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S. Radichev

Our products

Today Chef Radichev has a portfolio of over 100 unique and unconventional products. Gourmet cheeses, cheese creams, butters, unusual jams, different appetizers, wonderful rakias – each version has its own unique and particular taste – take your pick, there is something for everyone`s taste.

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How it started

In 2012, Stanimir Radichev, chef with over 25 years of experience, had the spontaneous idea to create an exceptional product – the white-brine goat milk cheese with truffles. That is how the luxurious “Du Chef Radichev” brand takes its starting point.

“It is an unusual story, explains chef Radichev. I have been asked by a friend to cook for his gathering. As we started to prepare the table, another friend of mine brought goat milk cheese and another one added some truffles from Veliko Tarnovo region. That is when the idea suddenly occurred to me and I offered them to make goat milk cheese with truffles.” Chef Radichev succeeded to create a unique combination of the traditional Bulgarian taste – the white – brine cheese, that married one of the most exquisite tastes of gourmet cuisine – the truffle. Shortly after he patented the goat milk cheese with truffles.

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Обогати трапезата с един различен и нетрадицонен вкус

Предстои ни да посрещнем февруари – месец, изпъстрен с безброй празници – именни дни, Трифон Зарезан (или Свети Валентин), Сирни Заговезни и много други. Шеф Станимир Радичев ви предлага да обогатите трапезата, добавяйки й един различен и нетрадиционен привкус. В портфолиото на Шеф Радичев ще намерите повече от 100 уникални продукта – започвайки от деликатесни […]

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