Chef Radichev cooked and distributed nearly 700 portions of Samovodska stew at the Samovodska Charshya Market

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest attractions at the Samovodska Charshya Market was the cooking of the stew. Chef Radichev prepared this delicious dish in a 230-liters cauldron for nearly 6hours. But it was waiting for.

Nearly 700 portions of Samovodksa stew were donated, with bread from the old bakery in Dichin, to the visitors of the Autumn festival – Night at the Samovodska Charshya.

The smoke from the wood and the stew`s aroma began to gather hungry and curious people around the cauldron since noon.

 “The stew is named after the famous Samovodska Charshya in Veliko Tarnovo., but is an old stew recipe from Samovodene village”, explains chef Radichev. He found the recipe through friends that known some of the cooks in the village. “Every family has its own version of this stew. One of the recipes is with dried prunes, but I don`t like the idea of putting them in a dish.” Chef Radichev said in an interview with Borba. He also reveals the secret of how to cook this delicious stew – make it with love and pleasure.

The main ingredient is “Samovodene`s cheese”, or the white onion, produced in the village. Chef Radichev had putted 100 kg of onions in the cauldron, peeled the day before at the Onion peeling Competition, 10kg of carrots, 1 kg of garlic, 5 kg of parsnip and celery, 3 kg of peppers, 12l vegetable oil, 30 kg of potatoes, 20 kg of tomatoes, as well as savory, parsley and dill. Chef Radichev had some helpers for the preparations of the vegetables. Finally, the stew was thickened with some flour and red pepper powder. All products were provided by Art Bar “Hipster” and “Tsarevgrad Tarnov”. The cauldron is a gift of chef Radichev`s friend.

Chef Radichev, or Stanimir Radichev is 44 – year – old chef from Veliko Tarnovo. He has been cooking since he was 13 – years – old and served as a cook in his military service. He worked at different hotels and restaurants – “Hunters Meeting”, hotel “Premier”, for 8 years at hotel “Bolyarski”, “Hadji Nikoli Inn.”Chef Radichev quit his last job to start his own business. In the past few years, he hasn`t been cooking so intently, because now he has his own brand, that presents over 110 products – cheeses, sudzhuk, terrine with truffles, jams, appetizers, lyutenitsa etc.

Source: Ana Rajkovska,